Best decision I have made.   My family loves the great tasting water and we can feel the difference on our skin.  Aqua Crystal were total professionals and took care of everything as promised.   Thank you, add me to your list of happy customers.      - Mario C, Eastlake El Paso


We have terrible water in the Uppder Valley of El Paso.  We got tired of having to buy bottled water at Sam's and having to carry the cases from the car to the house.   We are very happy with the Puronics system and Aqua Crystal.   My husband and I consider it an investment on our health, our pets, and our home.

   -Mrs U. , West El Paso


My husband and I love our new water conditioning system.  Aqua Crystal far exceeded our expectations.

 - Mrs. Cuellar, East El Paso


Our family is very thankful for our new water system.  My daughters skin problems (eczema and allergies)  have greatly improved since the installation of the Puronics system.  The whole family is enjoying  softer skin.  I would recommend it to everyone I know.

-Mr. Frank, Central El Paso